Thursday, July 3, 2014

Identify variables and formulate hypothesises

1. How does the fuel burnt affect the different pollutants produced?

Independent Variable: The fuel used

Dependent Variable: Temperature of the flame and amount of pollutants produed

Constant Variable: Amount of fuel used, amount of oxygen provided,

Hypothesis: Liquid Fuels burn cleaner than Solid Fuel

2. How does the weather conditions affect the rate of condensation?

Independent Variable: Amount of wind, weather conditions (raining will cause humidity levels to rise), surrounding temperature

Dependent Variable: Rate of condensation

Constant Variable:  atmospheric pressure, size of condenser

Hypothesis: Rate of condensation will increase with high humidity level, and decrease with high wind conditions.

3. How does the surface area affect the rate of condensation?

Independent Variable: Surface area of object

Dependent Variable: rate of condensation

Constant Variable: material of object, temperature of object, wind condition

Hypothesis: The larger the surface area, the faster the rate of condensation

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