It is possible to use this AWG in hiking trip, especially ones through a forest as it would be able to work with more humidity and can be used to refuel your water bottle, something especially useful in extended camping trips or emergencies. This AWG could also be innovated to help the people in countries where clean water is scarce, and many people suffer from dehydration.
Considering the amount of water in the atmosphere, Even places where people suffer from dehydration are able to generate clean drinking water for themselves without worrying about diseases and illnesses.

Areas for further study:

How to increase how well metal conducts heat, this will help the AWG to cool down faster, lowering the amount of start up time

How to decrease the amount of energy required to power the AWG, 24 volts is a lot but it was required as the heat sink and thermo-electric cooler required 12 volts each, it would be best if it could be solar powered but that by itself would be its on project.

A study on weather would be useful as it highly affects the rate of condensation, but again that would be its own project.

We can also create the experiment as shown in “Discussions”. We can research on materials that can insulate heat very well, and types of materials that can conduct heat very well. With these information, we can get condensation for a long time. When water droplets are formed on the piece of metal, we can use something similar to a windshield wiper to swipe the water off into a bucket every minute to get the most amount of water possible.

We could also spend more time researching about surface area as it is a very important concept in our experiment.

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