While we were able to gather water from the AWG, the AWG did not work well enough and could only produce 5 ml of water in 3 hours, this was due to the fact that the thermoelectric cooler we used was not able to cool a large amount of area effectively, reducing the amount of water we were able to condense.

Area for Improvement:
The experiments were conducted during the day as we were doing it over an 8 hour period, however we could probably have collected more water if we had done the experiments at night, however this was not done due to the fact that none of us could stay up from 6pm-6am.
We could have also chosen a better location like the forest to do the experiments, the increased humidity there would have given us better results but again the 12 hour test period hampered us, as the location we selected was indoors, and the day we picked to do the experiment was not very humid.
One thing that we failed to take into account until now is that though the system is enclosed, we could have lost some of the water we collected to evaporation.

We could also have used more thermoelectric coolers to bring the temperature of the mess tin lower, and at faster rate. This way, more water will be collected on the mess tin (since it is cold on all surfaces) and our goal will be reached.

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