Project title:
Building a Atmospheric Water Generator (AWH)

Aim of our project:

We want to be able to create an energy efficient system that is able of extracting water from the atmosphere.
In particular, we want to
1) purify the water with UV light until enough bacteria is bona and that the water is safe to drink.
2) Energy efficient extraction system
3) Affordable (<$USD100>
4) Built out of common everyday items and utilities
5) Able to use without much preparation or mess.

Reason for choosing this project:

The world is slowly running out of water that can sustain everyone on earth. However, the atmosphere contains 0.04% of earth’s total fresh water, and we aspire to be able to utilise it.
Certain areas do not have a reliable source of water, so with a atmospheric water generator, it will be possible for us to extract water from the air, thus providing the world with a reliable source of atmospheric water. At any moment, there is a total of 12,900 cubic kilometers in the atmosphere clean for drinking. Thus, anyone can rely on water from the atmosphere for any type of usage, especially for drinking purposes in countries where clean water is scarce. We chose this topic as we hope that our research can help to promote the idea of extracting drinking water from the air for certain countries.

Desalination is not viable is it not only requires high-end technology, it also requires a reliable water source near the location. Since the location will be very remote and deserted, it is not possible to use this expensive technology in this location.

The capturing and storage of rainwater will require a constant amount of rainfall, which is not very reliable.

High tech purifying systems are very expensive, and also need  constant maintenance. This cannot be done in remote areas, where technology is seldom heard of.

Although there are many other alternate ways to get water (e.g. desalination, high-tech purifying systems, rainwater, importing etc), our group idea is cost efficient, and the results are almost immediate. Thus, it can easily be one of the most effective ways to get pure water suitable for drinking, especially in rural or dry areas / countries.

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